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7 Inch Round LED Headlights Shootout 8 of 12

In the world of jeeps commercial trucking classic cars and motorcycles. The LED headlight has become a hot topic. My name is Chris with headlight revolution in this video we are talking about 7 inch round LED headlights. We’re going to compare the options for you through object comparison with measurements and manufactures public specifications will also do our own testing by setting the lights up in our stand at 25 feet from the wall to keep them all the same distance and height. And while indoors we usually the beam pattern against the wall and what we’re doing that will measure locks using this digital light meter. This headlight is another reflector style 7 inch round LED headlight it’s called the KC highlights for 2321 however originally it was called the Peterson manufacturing 701 great white.

LED Headlights This headlight is designed by Peterson manufacturing and is now being branded by a couple other brands mainly Casey highlights. So even on the bottom of the lands that has the Peterson manufacturing logo and then the inside is branded Casey highlights so what do you get it from Peter soon or grow the for Casey highlights its can all be the same headlight this one in particular is extremely similar to the truck quite 7 inch round headlight bomb where it has the traditional style reflector bowl with the black plastic bar one LED array on top that creates your low beam and another LED array on the bottom that creates your high beams.

It’s a very effective method for LED headlights it’s very simple http://sniffmedia.com. A lot more traditional looking at some of the projector headlights and this one in particular works very well on the face of the lands right middle we have a P. M. logo for Peterson manufacturing that’s the company that invented in the Risley create this headlight and now it’s being marketed by other brands. However on the side this is DOT essay EHL 12. And it has a marking for top near the top of the lands so you know how to install it Dewey this headlight works is you have a bridge that crosses over the diameter of the headlights and on the top you have a circuit board that’s expose who would just LED and seek ecstasy in there and see the LED and signs backwards and that creates your forward low beam and then when you go to high beam the exact same thing happens on the bottom side and both LEDs are on so the whole thing gets illuminated on high beam. On the back we have a. Sort of a steep. Cone shaped aluminum heat sink with an integrated 84 connector I really don’t like this because this increases your mounting depth.

LED Headlights Shootout 8 12By a half inch easy and sometimes you need that space so from this will probably fit most applications but if you’re close on space at all. This might be tricky to make it fit on 1 hand you don’t have any wires to sort out or corrode it’s all built in it’s all sealed a you should never have an issue with the connection but it does cause some concerns with mounting capability the Peterson manufacturing 701 also known as the KC highlights for 2321 uses 2 LED chip arrays has a 9 to 32 volt DC input power a mounting depth of 3.75 inches and its DOT approved on low beam the sunlight draws 1.4 amps of power at 12 volts DC on high beam this headlight draws 1.7 amps of power at 12 volts DC the luxe rating for low beam this 600 99 at 25 feet the high beam locks his 1000 99 at 25 feet the effective lumen rating of low beam is 1100 lumen.

On high beam this headlight produces 1650 effective lumen this headlight is made in the USA and is available only in this chrome style shown here. Here’s the low beam. Indoor testing of the Peterson manufacturing 701 or the KC highlights for 2321 this actually has a pretty impressive amount of light the locks reading at 25 feet is 600 99 looks. One of the brightest that is available. But the beam pattern is really lacking something to be desired it has a lot of shadows it’s not very wide. The color is really nice and the big hot spot isn’t at the right point.

In the beam pattern. Top center. But it’s not even close to as wide as some of the other ones. So you know each light has its pros and cons this was extremely bright but the shape in the pattern aren’t that great when we go to hide him on this had like the looks rating jumps from 699 up to 1000 99 looks at 25 feet. You still have the exact same color you still have the funny shaped near the edges it’s still not a wide headlight but the entire hot spot in the center moves up and gets brighter and bigger. So to these together should do the trick but it just goes to show that every headlight has pros and cons. Although the KC highlights for 2321 LED headlight has a really fantastic low beam locks number. Higher than any other on the list it doesn’t really have such a great beam pattern when compared to others yeah there’s a lot a like right in the center but it’s kind of shaped funny like a glob and the beam is wide but it’s not super bright.

Down in front. You can have this massive amount of light right the center and you kinda have some fill light around it is a bright light you know he goes almost solely down to 100 yards. It has a cut off line it has decent flood. But in terms of NIT picking the quality the beam pattern. Other headlights on the market have a better bean pattern shape. Then the KC highlights headlight now when you switch to high beam there’s better high beams in this when my opinion but I would be scared for one second to put this on any of my vehicles it doesn’t quite throw down the road as far as some others but it’s definitely brighter than the stock headlights. And when he turns the high beam you’re not just stuck with a brighter center section it does do a pretty good job of adding more like all the way left to right now that we’re approaching the end of the video I hope you know enough. About the selection of 7 inch round LED headlights in the market today to make a decision.

I’m not gonna rank these. Best to worst when what you make up your own decisions all I will say is. The seven in front of me are probably the only seven that I would ever recommend to anybody for anything so thank you very much for watching hope you’re entertained a little bit of hope you’re really educated and if you wanna see what else we are doing with have a revolution visit our website http://sniffmedia.com.