2008 Ford Escape Review

Auto industry was invited in the region of Gatineau Quebec for the launch of the 2008 Ford Escape and Escape hybrid. The people from port perform the walk around the vehicle with the and pointed out all the changes they have made to the compact SUV the bestseller of its category 4 years running. On the outside this sheet metal has been redesigned to look more like sports other truck. The appearance of the SUV has improved with that program as well as the more modern and tough look. The lower body plastic cladding has been removed. Board invited us to a little fuel economy competition between journalists. The goal was to follow the predetermined routes behind the wheel of an Ford Escape hybrid. With a mix of city and highway driving and to come back flaunting the lowest fuel consumption average. Unfortunately we didn’t win but our average of 7.6 litres per 100 kilometers with excellent and Kermit the frog was quite proud of it.

2008 Ford EscapeThe Escape hybrid powertrain remain the same as before the 2.3 liter 4 cylinder engine the electric motor. The battery as well as the continuously variable automatic transmission are all unchanged from the previous generation. However Ford did make some changes to the powertrain management software in order to better exploit the electric motor. One can drive up to 40 kilometers an hour without asking the combustion engine for help. As for the regular scale they can be hardly call that. It’s comfortable ride truly impressed and it drives really well even a left on smooth pavement. The Indian choices are identical than in previous versions of the escape. You can choose between a 153 horsepower 2.3 liter 4 cylinder or a 200 horsepower 3 leader. The only transmission offered for 2008 is a 4 speed automatic the manual transmission is no longer available. There were no 4 cylinder models available at the line. As for the V6 it offers an honest level of performance. But gets a little noisy at full throttle. However they can pull up to 3500 pounds or 1588 kilograms.

We also had the opportunity to try the escape on a closed circuit to evaluate its roll stability control system called advanced track. With this device here Steve handles itself pretty well an emergency situation. No that advance track as standard equipment on all the gates except the hybrid. Inside the dashboard has been completely revised and is much prettier. Plastic still dominates but it texture has improved quite a bit. The green back letting has been replaced by a light blue color which is a welcome change. The leather seats are supple and supported and a cloth seats are covered with 100 percent recycled fabric. As for the navigation system it’s easy to lose thanks to its touch screen. Although the latter is small which makes it a little hard to read. We had fun during the launch of the estate since a hybrid model is an interesting choice for those who mainly drive around town. As for the regular Escape, it showed us why it’s the best seller and category and should sell as much if not more than the previous model. Info about LED headlights for Ford Escape read at