2016 Ford Focus ST – Review

You guys go parity here Twenties ¬†Ford focus. You guys so the Ford probe, Leader 4 cylinder turbo charged. Putting out 250. 2 horsepower 200. Org. The bulls sending me right now to 6. 0.3 so. I wouldn’t have it. Any other way because they. Is awesome rather than. Are bolstered very well I am a. Chanted bolstering on these things and I remember at the Carlisle Ford nationals car show when I first sat in one of these others like. I like the seeds. The best so deftly huge fan of the seats and I cannot wait to drive them or ask because. A car is going to. Sing it as well but I it’s another thing all my dad’s right now. It tells you wind up shift I guess some. Cruisin around at 3000 RPM so tell me to upshift. Dear. And there’s a child in the middle of the road so I’m going to slow down. Other than that Like The The manual I drove in the Mustang. See. Manual also in my opinion at least has a very soft clutch is very Z manual to drive so if you’re considering purchasing a manual for the first time ever on this. We want to consider is doubling. A car to drive to the lease for a manual so that’s. Love this Down this car makes. Fun little car to get. Are there 252 horse power.

2016 Ford Focus STPriced beautifully I mean it only costs are. For 25. Alors it moves to. Please. You know for the price range there but not as. Definitely no issues at all with visibility in action. Smaller mere inside. Her lawyer tears. More visibility on this. Eliminate them. Gloria and. The rear view. Ability of course is. As well The focus The accelerations I’m gonna wait for all this stress. So much trash. Morning mmhm. A one star. Rainn. Because it’s quick. Another thing. You like about Car when I was first My job He met the steering wheel definitely. Tell Telescope at Really fought with manual Not everybody’s legs and arms are all the same. So. Pourtant. Uhhuh. Do your, Starting at a price of 23, 3 June 5. Callers the. Stands out from the rest of the focus group but they ST, And it’s unique front grille along with this down to defeat. Halogen headlamps that Ford Focus headlights, aggressive look in the front there around the side there was 18 inch aluminum wheels wrapped. Summer tires but then around the back. The rear spoiler Morris to Well first grab my attention in the back with the center mounted dual exhaust and here’s what that sounded like.

It was the Down to spend Creating a good bit, Play group came in third. Oddly enough for so. Tell me to slow. Finally up from. Charcoal and black cloths near the top. But there’s also record buckets. Available as well which have much more aggressive bolstering couple certainly allow you to. For advantage of. Corner once in place to start the car kept the key in my pocket and then simply pressed on the brake and clutch and hit the engine start button upon started the gauges welcome me but the red ST logo along with the red white and black gauge cluster but there was also 1 more gauge cluster on ST in that was found directly above the display screen this gauge cluster was showing me the oil temperature turbo boost in oil pressure to the right but then also knew for 2016 was the flat bottom steering wheel which came wrapped in leather with the ST local was well but then like I said that was the 4.2 inch display screen, as well to assist with hands free calling also rear view camera.

So I could check out the awesome landscape in Hanover PA hash tag nature brought anyway since every reverse camera set up a little differently with manual transmissions for this particular 1 I simply lifted up underneath the shifter and slid it into the upper left hand corner lastly to make sure everyone stay safe Ford has equipped the 2016 focus ST with the following standard safety features dual stage front airbags front seat side impact airbags a driver’s knee airbag side curtain airbags for the first and second row of course child safety door locks latch BK lower anchors tethers for children electronic stability control a tire pressure monitoring system 4 wheel anti lock brakes electronic power assisted steering, and macpherson strut independent front sport tuned suspension, and overall I got to see the headlight¬†of this 1 was how smooth the clutch felt when driving a German, quite a few manual transmissions at this point and honestly this focus ST and the new 2060 Mustang GT have been 2 of my favorite and so because of that the 2016 focus ST was an extremely fun car to drive and definitely 1 that I’m going to remember I think you guys are what should be said like a video and subscribe now see in the next 1 stay gold.